Sculpted Sound Vinyl LP

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In this live recording the focus is on sound itself. Can a characteristic of sound be heard among instruments created by the same log of spruce and the hands of one specific violin maker, even if played by different instrumentalists? Violin maker Jacob von der Lippe has gained worldwide recognition for his handmade stringed instruments, coming out of his workshop in Oslo, Norway. The world premiere recording «Sculpted Sound» is the fruit of this unique relationship between the violin maker and his special musicians.


How do vastly different venues highlight various aspects of the same instruments? And how about the development of one violin maker through a span of twenty years? Through a series of concerts in spectacular venues around Oslo these questions were explored. The audience was invited for a truly special experience with musicians playing their own instruments made by violin maker Jacob von der Lippe, and we have attempted to capture that atmosphere here on this live recording.

A 12 page booklet with an introduction text by Norwegian writer Edvard Hoem is included.


1. Ole Bull: En moders bøn. Arve Tellefsen, violin

2. Sergei Prokofiev: Sonata for two violins, Op. 56: Andante cantabile – Allegro. Hilde Kolstad Huse, violin / Maren Elle, violin

3. Improvisation. Matias Jentoft, violin / Kaja Rogers, violin

4. Josquin Desprez: from Missa Hercules dux Ferrarie – Duo Pleni sunt coeli. Matias Jentoft, violin / Kaja Rogers, violin

5. Johann Sebastian Bach: Partita nr 2 in d-minor – Allemande. Kaja Rogers, violin

6. Johann Sebastian Bach: Partita nr 3 in E-major – Preludio. Matias Jentoft, violin


1. Ernest Bloch: From Jewish Life, Prayer. Anne Stine Dahl, cello / Anders Eidsten Dahl, piano

Giuseppe Tartini: Sonata in d-minor, B.d4 (“Opus 2”, Walsh 1746). Sigurd Imsen, baroque violin / Chr. Kjos, harpsichord

2. – Largo

3. – Allegro

4. – Allegro

Recorded in Tomba Emmanuelle – Emanuel Vigeland’s Museum, Frogner Hovedgård and Fagerborg kirke. Engineer: Sean Lewis. Mastering: Morgan Nicolaysen. Photos: Marius Viken, Per Tore Molvær. Executive producer & design/photo: Jacob von der Lippe. Vinyl production: T-Time Vinyl Plant.

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