World premiere for a new recording

Release party at Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo – Norway, November 23rd at 19:00, free entrance.

Sound is the true reason for making instruments. In this recording the focus is on sound itself. Can a characteristic of sound be heard among instruments created by the same log of spruce and the hands of one specific violin maker, even if played by different instrumentalists? How do vastly different venues highlight various aspects of the same instruments? And how about the development of one violin maker through a span of twenty years?

The launch will be led by Norwegian music journalist Guttorm Andreasen. There will be a panel discussion about sound, consisting of Arve Tellefsen, Are Brean and Maren Elle amongst others. Selected tracks from the vinyl recording will be played on the state of the art hi-fi equipment at Kunstnernes Hus. The LP vinyl and CD will be offered for sale to the public at the event. The first 50 people arriving will get a free drink.

Link to Facebook event.

«It is a pleasure to be a part of this project, and it will hopefully demonstrate that wonderful instruments are created in our own time, and that Jacob von der Lippe is an outstanding creator of fine instruments.»

Arve Tellefsen – soloist, Oslo

«I liked the idea of a festival with sound as a common thread running through all the performances, and the feeling of community that comes with everyone playing on instruments made by the same instrument maker.»

Maren Elle – violinist in the Norwegian Radio Orchestra

“The improvisational track is a bath in the sonic pool which is the room. Everything is present on the recording: the instruments, the walls, and even the audience. The wide spectrum of timbre and volume is allowed to flourish through the microphones and out through your speakers. This makes this track the most special to me.”

Matias Jentoft – freelance violinist, Oslo

Jacob von der Lippe

  • Born 1974 in Tønsberg, Norway
  • Trained at the “Istituto Professionale Internazionale per l’Artigianato Liutario e del Legno ‘A. Stradivari’ “ in Cremona, Italy 1995-98
  • Building instruments for musicians at home and abroad since 1998
  • The first and only Norwegian member of the worldwide organization Entente Internationale des Luthiers et Archetiers
  • Building instruments out of the tradition of the Italian masters
  • Making instruments with sound focusing upon warmth, projection and richness in overtones
  • In recent years, essence of his entire experience is taken out in developing his own model for violin, viola and cello
  • Today one of Norway’s most prominent and acknowledged violinmakers

Looking forward to welcome you!

With very best wishes,
Jacob von der Lippe

Director // von der Lippe Records