Strad is Dead – Sweater Medium Size

kr 499,00

In stock, same-day shipping

In stock, same-day shipping

Strad is Dead – Consider a Modern Classic

Fruit of the Loom Sweater in stylish green colour. 100% cotton, comfy fit. Limited Edition.


Strad is Dead – Consider a Modern Classic

We live in the new golden age of violin making. I have so many incredibly talented violin maker colleagues around the globe. And I’m dying to see what their personal model would sound and look like! Strad is of course a great maker to learn from, but why are so many devoting the entire career to making copies? We’ve lost the diversity of violin making that was alive in Italy around 16-1700. Every maker and city had it’s own style. I’m hoping to see that again. More style, more personality and more focus on what really matters. The Sound.

Disclaimer: I don’t want to insult or offend anyone. And I totally respect the reasons for why people make certain choices along the way. I just feel there’s so much potential out there. That’s all.

Medium size: Body width 56 cm (measure across sweater 1 cm down from armholes). Body length 68,5 cm (measure from highest point of shoulder to bottom edge of sweater). In the pictures, Jacob is wearing a Large and Ilze a Medium size. Price kr/NOK 499 = ca USD 45 depending on the exchange rate.

Wash on 30-40 degrees, inside out. No tumble dry.


Idea and design: Jacob von der Lippe, Additional ideas/model: Ilze De Ligt. Production: Nilz AS, Oslo – Norway

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